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Diversity and inclusion are vital for any successful organisation, but experience shows employers, particularly male managers, rarely know how much gender bias impacts the women in their workplace.

This practical guide offers real-world insight on how to include more men in diversity and inclusion efforts and how to build stronger, more motivated teams.

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About The Authors

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Gary Ford

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Gary Ford has more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry in Financial Services.  Most recently, Gary was a Managing Director at a large US Financial Services organisation, where he managed a number of enterprise wide software delivery programmes

At the beginning of 2020, Gary started his own consultancy business which as well as providing IT and wider business solutions, also delivers inclusion training and helps organisations create ally networks.


He is currently working as CEO and COO of 2 new business ventures in the education sector.

He is also the co-founder of Men for Inclusion

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Stephen Koch

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Stephen Koch has 27 years’ experience in Investment Banking IT at a number of major financial services firms. He has spent most of his career building risk management systems and managing global technology development teams.


Up until recently, he was a Managing Director at the same large US Financial Services firm as Gary.

He is now Director of Demographics at NHS-Digital.


Dr Jill Armstrong

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Dr Jill Armstrong was a Bye-Fellow at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge from 2016 -2020  where she led the ‘Collaborating with Men’ action research programme.  Jill published a number of reports including ‘Everyday workplace inclusion’ on engaging men and giving practical tips of actions to take.


 Jill writes, speaks, lectures and consults on gender inclusion. She now works with organisations on everyday inclusion tactics.


Jill has also written “Like Mother, Like Daughter?: How career women influence their daughters’ ambition”, which was published in 2017 by Policy Press.  


Previously she was a founding Director of two successful commercial market research companies.

She is also a co-founder of Men for Inclusion


Michael Kimmel, Professor, author of Guyland

Men: If you are confused, uncertain, hesitant or anxious about how to relate to new initiatives for greater gender equality in the workplace, in these especially fraught times, this is the book for you!

Jeremy Cohen, CEO Dentons UK, Ireland and Middle East

Many organisations are still struggling to see real progress in gender equality. Many men in those organisations would like to see that change, and what “The Accidental Sexist“  highlights so powerfully, is how those men can be the solution and not the problem. It is the most practical guide I have ever read as to how to engage men in this programme in a way that is positive, inclusive and impactful for both men and women

Air Vice-Marshal (Ret’d) Michael Harwood CB CBE

 The Accidental Sexist is a portal to a necessary process of cultural change.  Be in no doubt though, this has made me feel more than uncomfortable at times because certain behaviours, attitudes, beliefs, are so ingrained (and aren’t entirely wrong), but we simply must talk this through.  I want to be an ally and not an accidental anything!

Get in touch

If you would like to talk to us about The Accidental Sexist or find out more about the services we offer, please contact us through the Men for Inclusion website

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