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Orchestra Audience

Our Inspiration

This book would not have been possible without the support, wisdom, insight and significant effort from a lot of people around us.  We are trying to include everyone who has been a part of the work we have done on accidental sexism, but it is very likely we have missed or forgotten someone.  If that has happened, we are deeply sorry and please let us know so that we can fix.

Man Reaching Star

Thank You!

For helping us along the way

Andy Pritchard

Andy Young

Ann Wilson

Anna Doherty

Dame Barbara Stocking

Colleen Keith

Claire Harvey

Danielle Ditalia

Debbie Davis

Dennis Walker

Diana Parkes

Ed Boden

Farooq Azami

Gavin Hau

Gillian McLennan

Hayley Barnard

Jason Ghaboos

Javor Pishev

Jayne Pearce

Joe Mcgonagle

Julia Warrack

Kelly Keating

Kishore Kumar

Kjirste Coltham

Louisa Golden

Lynsey Campbell

Mark Napier
Michael Bratchford

Michele Willis

Milinda Harding

Nick Baverstock

Paul Sergeant

Peter Mcquillan

Simon Hill

Sue Fraser

Rachel Buck

Reena Pau

Richard Anders

Rob Macandrew

Sam McPhee

Sarah Twite

Simone Satchell

Stacey Kenny

Stevie Wright

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