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Praise for the book

Leaders from across the business world and beyond have gained insight from our work

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Air Vice-Marshal Andy Turner, CB CBE, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, RAF

"Businesses are run by people and all seek optimum performance, but this can only be possible if the whole workforce is engaged and they will only be so if they feel welcome, respected and valued for who they are and what they bring. Accidental sexism is real. The Accidental Sexist is an important book and comes at just the right time. Well thought through, a good read and an accessible handbook."

Professor Dame Wendy Hall DBE FRS FREng, Regius Professor of Computer Science, Executive Director, Web Science Institute, University of Southampton

"As we tackle issues of sexism in the workplace, the majority of men who would never dream of acting inappropriately towards women need help to navigate the new world they find themselves in. This marvelous book is a self help manual that explains the importance and the minefields of a diverse workforce in a way that is very easy to relate to. I recommend it to women as well. It explains a lot."

Michael Kimmel, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies, Emeritus, Stony Brook University

"Men: If you are confused, uncertain, hesitant or anxious about how to relate to new initiatives for greater gender equality in the workplace, in these especially fraught times, this is the book for you!  Simple practical advice on why being an ally to women and supporting gender equality will transform the workplace -- and even improve your life!"

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Jeremy Cohen, CEO Dentons UK, Ireland and Middle East

"Many organisations are still struggling to see real progress in gender equality. Many men in those organisations would like to see that change, and what “The Accidental Sexist“  highlights so powerfully, is how those men can be the solution and not the problem. It is the most practical guide I have ever read as to how to engage men in this programme in a way that is positive, inclusive and impactful for both men and women."

Dame Barbara Stocking, President, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge.

"In our research, men committed to gender equality often didn’t know what they could do to contribute.  We want them as allies in challenging current power structures.  This book shows how men can be a part of the change we want."

Lynsey Campbell, Technology Leader, Gender Equality Activist, Chairperson, Scotland Women in Technology.

"Heightening the awareness of and harnessing the power of the majority to alter the negative experiences of minorities is the most effective way to eradicate discrimination. I respect and admire any man who leans into this conversation with a curious mind and an open heart."

Ann Cairns, Executive Vice Chair, Mastercard and Chair of the 30% club

“Too much of our world has been designed without women in mind and women involved. Men are often in positions of power and influence and without them we will not move the needle on gender equality. This book helps to understand what we can do together. It’s a great read for everyone interested in an inclusive world.”

Air Vice-Marshal (Ret’d) Michael Harwood CB CBE

 "The Accidental Sexist is a portal to a necessary process of cultural change.  Be in no doubt though, this has made me feel more than uncomfortable at times because certain behaviours, attitudes, beliefs, are so ingrained (and aren’t entirely wrong), but we simply must talk this through.  I want to be an ally and not an accidental anything!"

Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, President techUK

“Much is written about diversity but a lot less about how men can play their part in equalling the playing field for women and minority voices.  Having known of Gary and Stephen’s work over a number of years, I am delighted to see their learnings come together in a practical handbook which I would recommend to anyone looking to improve inclusion in their organisation."

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